Inflation may force UK interest rate rise next year; shortages hit German confidence – business live

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Speaking of takeovers….Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has ordered a national security review of a takeover by a Chinese academic of a small Welsh manufacturer of graphene – the thinnest and lightest “supermaterial” known.

In a rare move, Kwarteng instructed the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to review the planned takeover of Perpetuus Group by Taurus International or any companies associated with Dr Zhongfu Zhou.

Zhou, who is listed as “chief nanotechnology scientist” on Perpetuus’s website, has business interests in China and has spent years working on the wonder material.

Perpetuus, which has three sites in south Wales, makes graphene and carbon nanotubes, materials that are hoped to have useful applications in an array of industries ranging from electronics and defence to medicine and making super-strength condoms.

The materials are extraordinary electrical conductors and can be stronger than steel.

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